Net Real Estate Sale of Foreigners is 326 Million Dollar

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Weekly Securities Statistics were explained by the Turkey Central Bank. According to the results, abroad residents purchased shares of worth 52.2 million dollars net. In addition to this amount; also the abroad residents bought Private Sector Bonds of worth 1.9 million dollars and Government Domestic Borrowing Bill of worth 378.3 million dollars. The share stock of the abroad residents was at a level of 44 billon 118.3 million dollars in the previous week. But as a result of the decrease in the values of the shares, the related stock came back to the level of 43 billion 895 million dollars despite of the net purchases in the week. BIST 100 Index which reached to the its historical record point a short time ago, lost 0.56% value on dollar basis in the last week.

The Government Domestic Borrowing Bill Stock of the Residents Abroad


The government domestic borrowing bill stock of the residents abroad decreased in a week period. The stock came back to the 28 billion 570,8 million dollars. In the same period, a net sale of worth 378, 3 million dollars is made and the stock decreased from 28 billion 748,7 million dollars to the 28 billion 570,8 million dollars. In the stated period, the Private Sector Bonds stock of the residents abroad increased by net of worth 1.9 million dollar purchase and has risen to the level of 884, 7 million dollars from the level of 882.9 million dollar.

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