New 5 Star Projects In Istanbul

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Artaş Architacture  Company will celebrate their 40th year in the sector in 2017. Company will add 5 new projects to their Europe Houses Brand that they have build in last 10 years. These projects are expected at least 35% profit and total value of the projects is 1 billion dollars.


With the new projects of the company in Topkapi, Halkali, Umraniye, Kagithane and Aricilar districts 3 thousand new houses will be build and housing of 20 thousand families only in Europe Houses projects will be provided since 2005. CEO of the architecture company Suleyman Cetinsaya “ We will be working in 2 million 825 square meters contruction area in 10 projects.” Adding to his words “ 10 thousand people will be provided work and 1 million 530 thousand  square meters housing and office areas”  Cetinsaya answered some of our questions about the future projects.


What Are Your  Projects in 2017 Agenda?


While our 5 main projects were ongoing we will also work on 3 thousand and 23 housing projects in districts like Umraniye, Halkali, Topkapi and Aricilar. With these numbers in 6 thousand 631 housing will be provided in 10 projects. Construction area will be 2 million 825 thousand square meters and 1 million 530 thousand square meters house and office area.




How Will Be New Projects Work?


We delivered Europe Houses Kale projects in Topkapi, now we will start working on Kale 2 projects. In Kale 2, 270 housing and office buildings will be provided. In Aricilar which is another increasing value district, contruction are will be 125 thousand square meters and provide 384 housing. We will keep working on Halkali’s Europe Houses projects B and C sections. In this project 1 thousand 217 houses will take place. In Asia  side of Istanbul district of Umraniye, by the brand of  Yamanevler projects 1 thousand 669 house and office building will be build. Besides this we are still working on Atasehir Office Building projects. 50 thousand square meters construction site and 30 thousand square meters office buildings taking place. One of the 35 floors building will be sold all.


Citizens Are Hoping Cheap Houses From You


Increasing of the land prices troubling us in house building for low income families. For example one lands selable price is 2 thousand TL in Kayasehir and construction cost is another 2 thousand TL making the total coast of a house 4 thousand TL. We are selling these houses for 4.500 TL. Without this small profit we can not progress. But if government generate lands and give it to us for  the housing project for low income families we will be able to sell these houses for low income families. In this model the housing of low income families problem will be solved.


Do You Think Prices Of Houses Going Down


In industry of construction prices are going up. Nobody can sell a new house for lower it’s price. House prices going down but not in new houses. Only in old house prices are going down, because people can’t sell their homes therefor they have to lower the prices. We take contribution margin rather than price. We need diversity in payment plans.


People Who Buy Houses in 2017, Can They Profit?

I haven’t heard anyone saying “ i got this house but i lost money.” Because the houses are good quality. I advice citizens to buy houses, we always find new ways for our selling arguments.

“ We Always Reach Our Goals”


Suleyman Cetinsaya is expecting better economic situations in 2017. “ We are doing great at the moment in selling our houses. We always reach our goals. We have investors that wants to work with us constantly.”


New Europe Houses Projects

Europe Houses Yamanevler – Umraniye district – 1669 houses
Europe Houses Kale –  Topkapi – 270 houses
Europe Houses Aricilar – Kagithane – 384 houses
Europe Houses Atakent 4B – Halkali – 430 houses
Europe Houses Atakent 4C – Halkali- 270 houses

Serhan Cetinsaya one of the executives in Artas Architecture Company said “ We delivered our Atakent Project.” Adding to his words “ Ongoing construction of Europe Houses Brand Basaksehir Project will provide 951 houses and office building. We have other projects like Vadistanbul , aso shopping center will be open in april 2017.”

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