New Address Of The Luxurious Apartments Is On Industrial Area In Istanbul

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Each area, known as industrial area for many years, would  have some transformations  into the sites due to the fact that area is so limited that there is not suitable are to conduct the apartments. Therefore, almost all the builders would prefer to assess these areas such as Gunesli, Kagithane, Ayazaga, Kartal, Sancaktepe. Besides, all the prices of houses and flats have been on increase.

According to some news, all the wide industrial areas will be apartments or flats, so some agreements have been carried out with companies. Before the achievement of the project, the industrial factories should be ruined and then the project will be achieved by the construction of new sites that are expected to be luxurious. The owners of the area will get some money almost 45&50 of the work. The sites which are thought to be conducted instead of factories are significant parts of urban transformation, thus the houses could be sold in not so much expensive prices.


The part of Kartal has been an outstanding part in Istanbul with a brilliant view, ıt also has an important role on the project of urban transportation. Beside innovations such as the tube of railroad and the court house, Kartal would possess much importance in following years.

The part of Cendere is one of the fastest developing part in Istanbul owing to the fact that the position of the valley attracts many people’s attentions by means of the construction of the houses, hotels, offices and shopping centres.

The other attractive parts are Gunesli, Kagithane, Zeytinburnu that are both developing with its modern atmosphere and lacking of the industrial blocks with its modification.

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