New Housing Mobilization Will Reduce Prices By 25 Percent

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Turkey is the number one address for those who want to buy new housing, because the country also provides convenience to foreign citizens wanting to buy new housing. In addition to this simplicity, there is great interest in the credit facilities offered. The central bank of the Republic of Turkey underlines the foreign exchange inflow from abroad to solve the problem of foreign exchange. The Republic of Turkey does not demand taxes in the event of investment, regardless of the amount of foreigners coming from foreign countries. Looking at this point, Turkey has a large housing investment. It is possible to build real estates in this positive progress that is constantly attracting new investors, because high wages and high quality housing attract great interest.

There are also great possibilities for those who want to buy housing by credit. Real Estate Residential Investment Corporation offers 240 month loan spot for those who want to buy houses with credit. In the repayment period of 20 years, the repayment interest rate is 0.50%, which is a very low interest rate. This is one of the biggest advantages of the last few years. Because the sale of housing which is one of the investments that will solve the foreign exchange problem of the country continues without slowing down. In addition, the generated demand makes it possible for the purchased houses to appreciate almost about 50% after 1 year. 0.50% interest rate means a total discount of 25%.

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