New Housing Projects from TOKI

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Housing need in Turkey is increasing day by day for the people who are low income. This gradual rise is because of population growth, urban transformation and renovation. According to the “Report for Real Estate Sector in 2023 Vision” prepared by GYODER; production of 7, 56 million houses is predicted for the 12 year period between 2012 and 2023.


TOKİ, with its rapid housing production practices, aims to meet 5% -10 % of the housing need of Turkey, which currently has been realized as 9%. With this year practices, 21 thousand 413 houses is coming from TOKI.


21 thousand 413 houses is coming from TOKI. TOKI, which is a social housing program, targets the low and middle-income people because those people cannot afford to buy a house under the existing market conditions. The advantages of the projects are that they get the money payments on the start of the constructions, after the tender of at certain stages. Meanwhile they can’t get money for the projects towards poor people. They continue monthly payments according the plan. This plan is calculated by the Ministry of Finance.



21 thousand 413 houses is coming from TOKI in 5 months time. Ergün Turan said that they will make 5,5 or 6 million citizen have their own houses with this new tender. TOKI continues its housing projects in 81 provinces and more than 3 thousand sites for the low-income people.


Firstly they aim to reach citizens who have any chance to buy a house with low income.  Meeting the shelter needs of the people is the most important reflection of the welfare of the state. TOKI has aimed to sign 21 thousand 413 houses tenders so far. In 5 months time all the tenders will have been completed in 2016. With this new projects people needs will be met.

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