New Interest in Istanbul

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Property prices in Istanbul vary. Real estate prices vary from province to district. Nowadays a new district is popular. Kartal is very popular these days. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is the subway and the court of justice. Transportation made easy when subway came here. It was also a preferred district thanks to the court of justice. Industrial areas and old sites are being demolished in Kartal. They are being replaced by branded housing projects. This district has the view of the islands. This landscape increases its attractiveness.


On the D-100 highway, office projects are increasing in quantity. Yakacık location and coastal sheridine is often seen as housing projects. D100 and TEM high-ways, Osmangazi Bridge, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Marmaray and high-speed train are important for Kartal. The advantage of transportation is that the region is rising. It seems to be a good option on both production and demand sides. Transportation is important to every area. Eagle sees the benefits of it.

In addition, Kartal's point of view has changed. Eagle was seen as a district with pre-distorted urbanization. Now this perception was gone. Eagle was the center of interest. There are also a lot of transportation routes. Railway, coastal road, D100 highway, high-way are other alternatives that facilitate transportation. According to the statements made, it is stated that in the coming days the attention will come to better places. It seems that the district will continue to be the most popular district of Istanbul. Ali Baki Usta, General Director General of AND Real Estate tell a different point. He mentioned the these word. '' Eagle generally appeals to large families, appealing to the high age group who want quiet. '' He said. It seems certain that more people will live here in the coming years.

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