New Metro Routes of Istanbul Have Been Announced

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced new transportation projects, which have been planned for a while. There will be an underwater bridge in Halic. Also 6 new metro routes are coming soon.

After implementation of Halic – Unkapani Highway Tube Tunnel Project that Kadir Topbas, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, calls as his ‘master piece’, 180 years old Unkapani Bridge, about which has been said that it blocks water circulation in Halic, will be demolished.

Thus, it is planned to create water flow again and contribute to clean the water thanks to underwater transportation.

900 Meters Long Bridge Under Sea

900 meters long underwater bridge, which will dwell upon piles that are going to penetrate into sea bottom, will be located 8,5 meters down the sea level. The bridge, which consists of 6 lanes (3 one direction- 3 the other direction). Land transport from historical peninsula Unkapani to Sishane, Kasimpasa, Karakoy will be provided completely via an underwater tunnel, thanks to Halic – Unkapani Highway Tube Tunnel, which is planned to be completed in 700 days after its tender in June and construction site delivery. Beside the project, there will be green fields and recreation areas in Halic coast. There will be parks, game and sport areas, walking roads, social activity areas in these areas and the area will be open to social life. Also Persembe Pazari area and around will be reformed.

Social Life Will Liven Up

Historic Buildings will be brought into the forefront during environment planning. Mimar Sinan’s work, Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque and around it, Saliha Sultan Fountain and around it will be reformed and liven up. It is stated that there will be lively social life after ongoing Alibeykoy – Eminonu tramline construction and environment monitoring be completed. Also the current bridge will be demolished when new project is completed.

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