New Project In Kadikoy is Valued 1.2 Billion

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With storage areas, USB outlets, extra insulation and guests room features The Mandarins Acibadem worth 1.2 billion TL and being build in 2 stages. Life in Project will begin in May 2018.

The battery and armature supplier, for all Ikeas in the world Sinan Ozecoglu and executive member in architecture company Bulent Selimoglu, coming together for their new Project The Mandarins Acibadem. The Project started in Kadiköy and been on sale  for 10 months, already sold 60%.

Executive of the Project Mandarins real estate, Sinan Ozecoglu talked about the project “ Our projects investment value is  550 million” add to his words “ Project is being build in 2 stages, for first stage we started working in 2015. Been on sale nearly 10 months we already sold 60% of it. Second stage will begin in 2017 and will bring investment value to 1 billion 200 million TL”


From Studio Apartments to 5+1 Apartments 

“The project is taking place between Acibadem, Fikirtepe and Hasanpasa districts which is basicly the center of asia  side in Istanbul. With it’s landscapes and different interior architectural designs this project will bring new life style to the area” said Ozecoglu. Some of the features in The Mandarins Acibadem are exclusively new like outdoor and indoor pools with heating system, extra insulation of city’s sound pollution, fireproof walls, studio apartments to 5+1 duplex apartments. “The Mandarins Acibadem also provies personal storage areas for house owners and USB outlets which is new in Turkey’s housing systems.  With special water decontamination systems tap water is drinkable. In the projects, we supply free guests rooms to our clients guests” said Ozecoglu. The projects location provides it’s house owners comfortable transportation in the city.




Apartment Prices Starting in 570 thousand TL

Ozecoglu “ In launching stages of the project we are making important amount of discount to our clients. Apartment prices starting from 570 thousand TL and the discounts still continues. The project deadline is may 2018 and we give our clients their house deeds right away, which is never done before.”


Location of the Project Pulls Attention, Specially for Families

“The Mandarins Acıbadem project provides social life like cafe and restaurants features for people who would like to  live within” said Ozecoglu. “Our projects goal is give families comfortable and secure living places. This project also getting the attention from foreign investors specialy from Azerbaijani investors. The project right across the street from Akasya shopping center which is Asia sides new prime shopping location.” add to his words.


Has Static Approval from ITU

The Mandarins Acibadem project is also approved by Istanbul Technical University in international standards for being first in Istanbul’s reconstruction projects. ITU evaluated the projects constructional systems like concrete lifting systems, land properties, the posible weights in structures, natural disaster standards and projects general constructive drawings. For  these features The Mandarins Acibadem is the first project in the area that has approval by an important scientific institution.

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