New Real Estate Projects in Kocaali from TOKI

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Turkey is a developing country and its population is growing day by day. With the increase in population, the real estate needs are also increasing. For the people with low income, need for housing is an important issue. The state has to give an opportunity to these people. So, TOKI has a responsibility in that point. TOKI has got a positive effect on developing housing sector and housing finance in Turkey. They are always new plans. New 496 housing plans of TOKI in Kocaali is only one of them. They are continuing their actions throughout the country.

New 496 housing plans of TOKI in Kocaali is taking attraction of the people. So far 900.000 people profited from the projects of TOKI and they are increasing this number day by day. According to the plans of TOKI, until 2023 they are planning to build 1 million housing units for the low income people. TOKI has an important role in urban transformation and renewal projects in Turkey. They are maintaining their projects in the scope of this aim.

New 496 housing plans of TOKI in Kocaali is an important project for the people who live in Sakarya. The project will be implemented in Caferiye neighborhood in Kocaali with 652 acres land. TOKI will construct this project with a traditional architecture concept and they are not only constructing buildings but also establishing new living areas for the people. In the project there will be 1 primary school with 24 classrooms, a mosque with the capacity of 300 people, a trade center, 5 play areas for children, 4 sports areas and other social constructions. Furthermore, there will be necessary social facilities and parking spaces for the disabled people. According to the plans, most of the houses will have a view of the sea.

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