New Regulation on Equality in Society

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New Regulation on Equality in Society

Discrimination in a society cannot accompany with the democracy and independence. Distinction in favor of or against can be seen in many societies around the world. There are so many types of discrimination such as age, employment, disability, language, race, religion, gender and even marital status. In Turkey landowners don’t prefer rent or sell their houses to the singles. This is a type of discrimination. However, with the new regulation someone who says’ No Home for Single’ will pay 15 thousands. The Government aims to protect citizens against discrimination and so they submitted “Turkey’s Human Rights and Gender Equality Draft Law” to the Parliament.


Someone who says’ No Home for Single’ will pay 15 thousands. If the regulation is accepted as law, saying ‘no home for singles’ or rejecting job application of pregnant women will be counted as discrimination and will be fined. According to the proposal, everyone will be equal legally. Gender, race, color, language, religion, belief, philosophical and political views, ethnic origin, property, birth, marital status, health status, disability and age-based discrimination will be banned. Furthermore mobbing in working atmosphere will be thought as discrimination.


Someone who says’ No Home for Single’ will pay 15 thousands with this regulation. Movable and immovable items submission to the public for sale or lease, determination the conditions of the lease agreement and renewal or termination of the contract will be done in an equal way in the society. No discrimination will be allowed to. Accordingly ‘no home for singles or widows’ means a crime of discrimination.  There won’t be any discrimination for foundations, unions, parties and professional associations. In this context, pregnancy, maternity and child care cannot be a rejection reason by employers in employment application. All these regulations are for the sake of the public and democracy.

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