New Residential Sales in The First 9 Months

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When the data in the first three quarters of this year are examined, the attention of strangers in the housing market gets attention.


Foreign investors are preferring branded housing projects especially in housing investments in big cities. The rates of housing purchases in projects that are attracted by citizens from different countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Russia, England, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, are calculated throughout the year. The REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Index, which provides source information on this subject, also shows which percent of foreign resident investors prefer mainly residential types in 2017, and what percentage of sales in branded residential projects across the country, according to the month.

According to the results of REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index in September of 2017, it increased by 0.34 percent in September compared to the previous month last year.

In the sales carried out on branded housing projects, the share of housing sales made by foreign investors was 3 percent. The foreigners who own the project showed interest in 3 + 1 apartments.

During the nine month period covering January-September 2017, foreign investors sold; 6 percent in April and May, 5 percent in June, 4 percent in July and 6 percent in August.

During the nine-month period of 2017, foreign investors invested mostly in March. In March 2017, 10 percent of branded housing projects were purchased by foreign investors. According to the data, in the first 9 months, it was observed that foreigners preferred 2 + 1 apartments predominantly in new houses.

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