New Transportation Plan: Monorail in Ankara

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New Transportation Plan: Monorail in Ankara

Ankara, which is the capital city of Turkey, is a very crowded city. It is known as a city for students and officers. There are variety types of transportation in Ankara such as municipality buses, public buses, taxi and subway which are easy and cheap alternatives for citizens. Besides these, there is a new plan.



Currently, the Transportation Plan of Ankara for 2015 – 2023 is under preparation by Gazi University. Based on this study, EGO intends to increase its rail public transport investments – light rail, heavy rail, monorail, cable cars, funicular. Monorail system will be implemented in Ankara. What is monorail system? What are the plans? All the details are in our essay.



The plan is that Monorail system will be implemented in Ankara. A monorail between Dikmen – Kizilay of 8.97 km is considered. A monorail is similar to railway which consists of a single rail. Modern monorails are always separated from other traffic and pedestrians contrast to some trams and light rail systems. The advantages of the monorails are that they avoid red lights, intersection turns and traffic jams. Also, the passengers can enjoy the sunlight and views while going somewhere. It also gives you a chance to transport in a silent way, away from the crowd and noise of the city.


Monorail system will be implemented in Ankara. In a meeting between Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek and municipal bureaucrats Ankara’s transportation system were discussed. Ankara Metroplolitan Municipality is planning to construct Monorail system to transport between Mamak terminal and hospital in Etlik and Mamak.


The monorail’s main stop and movement center will be Sıhhiye and it will be implemented with the Build-Operate- Transfer Model. If there were no company to do it, their second plan will be implemented. Their other alternative instead of monorails is cable car lines.

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