Number Of Workplaces Decreased In Istanbul!

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According to the statement of YAZTEPAV, the number of business places in Turkey has decreased in the last one year.

Istanbul was the only province. Istanbul, which could catch a 7.24 percent increase in housing returns, remained below the country average of 9.93 percent.


According to the Employment Monitoring Bulletin of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), the number of workplaces has decreased only in Istanbul in the last year. The decrease in the number of SMEs in Istanbul was effective in this decrease. 97 percent of the decrease in the number of establishments living in Istanbul was caused by the decrease in the number of SMEs. In Turkey, the number of establishments increased by 31 thousand (1.8 percent) in one year.

 Due to this increase in the number of SMEs, the number of establishments increased. The increase was seen in all the cases except Istanbul. While the number of SMEs in İstanbul is decreasing by 2 thousand 731; The number of SME-based workplaces decreased by 78 percent.

Real Estate Prices 

According to the data released by the Central Bank, housing prices in Turkey increased by 0.25 percent in July. Thus, in our country, housing prices have risen by 9.93 percent year-on-year.

On an annual basis, the price increase remained below the Turkish average by staying at 7.24 percent. However, the housing prices in İzmir at 15,90 percent annually; 16.62 percent in the Thrace region; Bursa-Eskişehir region has increased by 19.22 percent. Briefly, even in the provincial regions close to Istanbul, housing prices have been lagging behind and show limited improvement in real estate earnings. According to the report prepared in partnership with REIDIN Real Estate-İş Bank, the ratio of gross regional real estate to Istanbul is 5,10 behind Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya. While the city index reaches 5.31 percent in Turkey overall, the Istanbul index remains at 5.15 percent.

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