One Billion Lira Investment from İSKİ to Istanbul

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Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration will treat 4 water wastewater treatment plants and 1.5 million local people water will be purificated.

According to the written statement made by İSKİ, 4 new advanced biological wastewater treatment plants exceeding 1 billion liras for Büyükçekmece, Silivri, Selimpaşa and Çanta were provided and the waste water tunnels and collectors to serve in these facilities were taken into service.

İSKİ General Manager Fatih Turan explained that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and İSKİ had big investments in water and wastewater services in Istanbul. Opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Turan pointed out that waste water will be brought to “almost drinking water level” and that the 100 km coastal band from Tekirdağ to Ataköy will be cleaner and safer.

Fatih Turan, who said that new facilities will be built in Istanbul, said that investments in environmental protection in Istanbul are continuing rapidly.

Ambarlı and Ataköy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants opened to service, The opening of Büyükçekmece, Selimpaşa, Silivri and Bag facilities will be opened after 2019, Yenikapı-Baltalimanı-Kadıköy and Tuzla 3rd Stage Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant will be completed.


FatihTuran stated that the sewage sludge can be used as irrigation water in the recreation areas of the Metropolitan Municipality from Pendik to Bostanci and the industrial facilities of the region and that energy and natural fertilizer were produced from the mud obtained during the purification process.

Istanbul is a very special city. Everything will be very good for Istanbul.

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