One Of The Two Houses İn Turkey İs ‘uninsured’

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One Of The Two Houses İn Turkey İs 'uninsured'

In Turkey, located in the earthquake zone, only 8 million of the 17.7 million dwellings were insured against depression. The highest premium production in the state guarantee, which was made compulsory to cover the losses, was realized in the Marmara Region with a rate of 55.5 percent.

According to the determinations made by the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK) data, there are 17 million 661 thousand 690 houses which are included in the compulsory earthquake insurance in Turkey. The number of insured houses rising to 7.5 million last year, under the influence of the 'Disaster Insurance Law', which was issued in order to compensate the financial damages that are caused directly or indirectly by the earthquake, reached 8 million 30 thousand 150 this year. As a result, the insured rate rose to 45.50 percent, indicating that one of the two residents is still uninsured.

According to DASK data, Marmara, where 6 million 14,550 dwellings were located in the country with the most intense urbanization, was the area of ​​greatest interest to earthquake insurance. Region, 55.50 percent of the 3 million 338 thousand 323 housing compulsory earthquake insurance was done. Central Anatolia with 44.30 percent of the Marmara Region, Aegean with 43.30 percent, Mediterranean with 38.50 percent, Black Sea with 36.80 percent, Eastern Anatolia with 35.70 percent and South Eastern Anatolia Region with 32.40 percent . According to the data, until today, only 45,50% of the 17 million 661 thousand 690 houses in Turkey had earthquake insurance. Turkey has 8 million 30 thousand 150 earthquake insurances, figures show that only half of the houses in the country are earthquake insured.

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