One parking area for each flat!

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Mehmet Özhaseki, who is the ministry of environment and urbanization in Turkey, explained that there must be at least one parking area for each flat in the apartments in Turkey. The ministry of Özhaki clarified the questions with regards to the regulations of parking lots. He said that there was a rule which emphasized the necessity of one parking area for three apartments in the previous regulations. In the new regulations, it is expected to build one parking are for each flat in which if there are twelve flats, there must be twelve parking areas for them. Otherwise, the building construction is not allowed. Moreover, Özhaseki has given advices on making parking as multi-storey car park. Also, he suggested to construct parking areas on the gardens of apartments jointly.


addition to the parking areas for residences in the neighborhood, he mentioned about some constructive works for the parking lots of the residences and business centers in the downtown. He said that the required parking areas must be constructed by making over the building rather than turning the buildings into the parking lots. As he sited most of the buildings must undergo a change, the issue of making new parking spaces by demolishing the buildings is not a problem at all and even it is a good problem solution. Also, it was thought that as the new regulations would become a part of this activity, the parking area problem will gradually have solved in the cities.

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