Over 350 Million TL Was Spent For Vodafone Arena

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Over 350 million TL was spent for Vodafone Arena

The protocol opening of the Vodafone Arena which was built instead of BJK Inonu Stadium and took almost 3 years will be made tomorrow .Vodafone Arena has the characteristic to be the first smart stadium in Turkey.

The Besiktas community comes together with the new Vodafone Arena stadium which they waited with a big excitement.

The first match in the new stadium is going to be played on Monday ,11th of April against Bursaspor.The black-whites spent over 350 million TL to build Vodafone Arena which contains a lot of features and is shown as one of the most modern stadiums in the world.

An English firm which is the name sponsor of the first smart stadium in Turkey invested over 10 million dollars for the stadium’s underground in Dolmabahce.


The stadium is equipped with digital display resolutions and with a comprehensive mobile and internet connection.Also,there will be interactive displays in the stadium.Besides the football matches the stadium will be used as an entertainment center.

Vodafone Arena will also serve as a concert arena,social area and a fashion center.The Besiktas Museum and Kartal Yuvasi, the official store will also take place in the stadium.

The museum will have an interactive special feature and also a digital media where the printed pieces will be attached to it.The Kartal Yuvasi will be the biggest store in Turkey which sell the official products of the club.


Matches will be played 3.5 meters below 

Besiktas will play against its opponents below the sea level in their new stadium Vodafone Arena.

The pitch in the stadium at Dolmabahce is below the seal level which means the team is going to play their matches in -3.5 meters.The hybrid grass used for the pitch is another detail that takes attention.

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