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According to the TÜVİMER research, Istanbul, which can take 8 square meters of a residence with one year's income, needs to work 12.5 years without spending any money for a 100 square meter residence. In Ankara, this number goes up to 5 years.


Turkey Data Processing Center (TUVİMER) uses the data of "Gross National Per Capita GDP per capita" published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) on the income and real estate rent and sales values ​​of residents of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa how long they can be housing. According to the information, Istanbul was identified as the most difficult residential city. The highest housing prices in Turkey's 5 most crowded citiesare as follows: Istanbul with 5 thousand 418 liras, then İzmir with 3 thousand 89 liras, following Antalya with 2 thousand 250 liras, Bursa with one thousand 955 liras and Ankara with one thousand 830 liras. The average monthly rent for a square meter residence is 21 liras in Istanbul, 13 liras in Izmir, 10 liras in Ankara, 9 liras in Bursa and Antalya.


According to TURKSTAT's "Gross Domestic Product per Capita", the city with the highest annual income per capita was determined as Istanbul with 43 thousand 645.  In other words, a person working in Istanbul can get 8 square meters of a house with one year's income when the average annual income per capita of cities and the average residential square meter sales prices in cities are taken as basis. With one year's income, Ankara people can have 20 square meters, Bursa people 15 square meters, Antalya people 13 square meters, and İzmir people 10 square meters of a house. Even though Istanbul is the city with the highest income per capita, the fact that the prices of square meters for sale are high, makes Istanbul the city that can get the minimum number of houses with one year income among the other cities.

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