Permanent Residence Should Be Facilitated For Foreign Investors

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Kuzu Group Board Member, Ozan Kuzu, who says that Sea Pearl Atakoy Project, which is the only seafront project in Istanbul, attracts intensive attention by foreign investors, also states that necessary preparations for permanent residence of foreign investors can boost the sector. He also says: “Lots of facilitations should be enabled for foreign investors who invest over an amount of money, especially permanent residence, as that is how it done in all the other developed countries. This can make unpredictable contribution to the economy of the country.”

In construction sector, one of the leading sectors of Turkey, representatives go on expressing their opinion about the increase in the house sales to foreign investors. Ozan Kuzu, board member of Kuzu Group, which also produces projects that draws attention of foreign investors, states that permanent residence should be granted for foreign investors who invest over an amount of money in our country.

Kuzu states that it provides cash flow in Turkey’s economy, especially when considered the non-living global economy these days, by offering a liveable country for foreign investors. Kuzu says: “ We observe that foreign investors make investments in lots of cities in our country, especially in Istanbul. Permanent residence should be granted for foreign investors, who are interested in projects especially with luxury, wealthy social reinforcement areas, after making investment over an amount of money determined by relevant authorities. 22.000 house sales to foreign investors could be increased by giving them permanent residence. It is a simple matter to make it 50.000 or 100.000 house sales. Our country has been examined closer especially by Gulf Countries. Turkey provides a great opportunity for these countries. Actions which can be taken in the following years based on win-win principal, can keep the sector alive. It is obvious that we can draw foreign investors’ attention towards our country much more.”.

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