Piyalepaşa Special Residence Offer For Ramadan İn Istanbul

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Implemented by the private sector, the largest urban renewal project in Istanbul’s Piyalepasa, Ramadan, 5 percent cash and 15 percent, with a special offer on delivery. 0.45% 60 month term as part of the campaign and interest or 120 months and is able to be host of the interest option 0.70%. At the heart of Istanbul, Beyoglu, Istanbul rising Piyalepasa campaign will continue during the month of Ramadan.


Social facilities and personalized offering an attractive investment opportunity in privileged payment options Piyalepasa Istanbul, centrally located in terms of public transportation. Beyoglu İstiklal Caddesi, Karaköy, Kabataş, Nişantaşı and Besiktas as well as attractions are offering the opportunity to achieve your project in just a few minutes, the D-100 Highway and pedestrian connections, dolmabahce and Kağıthane tunnels, Caglayan and hospitals close to also come to the fore.


Piyalepasa İstanbul 1 + 0 4 + 1 ranging from different sizes and types to 760 housing and residence as well as Office, hotel and Shopping 190 Street. 550 meters long and 17 meters wide Shopping Street 120 stores nationally and internationally. 2-storey Shopping Street of shops as well as 9 with lounge cinema complex, rich with different fast-food market that caters to the palate, exclusive restaurants and cafes.


Walking on the road to 2500 m2 Sports Centre fitness Pilates full basketball courts, from many different sports are offered the opportunity to swim. Piyalepaşa is one of the nice settlements you can find in Istanbul, this Ramadan opportunity can be a good choice.






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