Population in The Islands Will Go Up To 5 Times

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The population of Adalar will increase exponentially in the course of passing through the Conservation Board of the new development plan approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Adalar Municipality. Moreover, there is not a single note on the subject of the ten registered building, archaeological and natural sites.


Islands 1/1000 Scale Protected Implementation Development Plan came before Istanbul 5th Protection Board. Adalar Municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul (IMM) approved by the plan approved by the board will be passed in the case of death.


Plan is in Judgment

Istanbul Adalar District 1/5000 scale Islands Conservation Master Plan was approved on 21.09.2011. The Advisory Council, Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners Chamber opened a case against the administrative court on the grounds that it increased the population density, reduced public use, enacted illegal activities by incorporating illegal activities into urban sites, legalizing illegal off-shore structures and opening traffic to motor vehicles.


While the case was still ongoing, the Adalar Municipality has submitted a 1/1000 scale Protective Development Plan. The new plan passed through the Assembly of Adams and the Assembly of the IMM. If it is approved by the 5th Cultural Assets Protection Committee and the Natural Assets Commission, the plan will be suspended. The proposed plan covering Büyükada, Kınalı, Burgaz and Heybeliada excludes Yassıada, Sivriada and Sedef Island. The plans of these islands were made by the Torba Law in 2013 and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.

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