Preparing to Transformation of Beyoğlu

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Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan stated that there will be a great transformation in Beyoğlu in the new year and said “The first part of Tarlabaşı will be finished in the new year’’ he said.

Ahmet Demircan, evaluated the urban transformation and restoration workings in Beyoğlu.

Ahmet Demircan, who stated that they are doing building and region based work in the urban transformation, explained that they have done restoration works in the area of 16 hectares and 3 thousand 300 thousand people in the historical area around Istiklal Street and they are a collective organization besides the restoration of various buildings.


Ahmet Demircan, who exemplifies Tarlabaşı, Sültüce-Örnektepe Transformation and the Okmeydanı Project to be started soon, and Galataport and Haliç projects which are continuing, has been conducting the restoration and rehabilitation works which started, started, completed and continued mass or various major restoration and rehabilitation works in Beyoğlu for 12-13 years said he was continuing.

Ahmet Demircan, who stated that urban transformation in Örnepe and Sütlüce started as a consequence of shifting the construction of other constructions, has started as a result of the danger of demolition and there has been some cracks in the buildings and it will be turned into here. Tenders will be made in January. Business, TOKI cooperation with the public and the participation of citizens takes place he said.

Ahmet Demircan, who says that the construction area of 30 thousand square meters, 70 thousand square meters together with the parking lots, and the Okmeydanı Project agree with KİPTAŞ, will share the details with the public soon, said that there will be a great transformation in Beyoğlu in the new year.

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