Preventions will be made for the workers death in constructions

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The Ministry of Labor started a new security project with TSE to prevent the deaths in constructions. New standards will be determined to cover the stairs and elevator spaces. The edge railings will be improved.

New standards are coming to the constructions where 33 percent of the accidents happen. The Security Director of the Ministry of Labor and Work Health Kasim Ozer, explained that they started a new project which is intended for construction sector. Ozer,” The Turkish Standards Institution is developing the standards of the edge railings. They will also publish the new standards intended to cover the spaces in elevator and the merp. We will sign a protocol in the middle of this year to begin a campaign for the 2nd security project.” Ozer said that every year die every year 350 people by falling down from the high places in constructions, ” Germany prevented the 26 percent.If we can prevent 20 percent it will be a huge amount.”

Work accident There is no excuse left

Ozer gave also information about the security pier project and said that INTES, TSE, The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, TOBB and the Inspection Assembly follow their jobs strictly. Ozer said that, 8-10 appeals were in the previous year and said also that, “Last year were to 30 firms the productiob authority given for the pier, and the remained 70 firms are waiting in a row. The constructions which paint and sand the old,cracked piers are stopped.” We got from the contractor a ‘i cant find’ excuse who builds constructions.”


Coal isnt dangerous

Kasim Ozer stated that the coal production can be not dangerous, ” In Australia ,South Africa and USA is no fear intended to coal mining.We are working for the mines to become safe. The coal mining will be out of danger when the big firms will enter the sector with enough technology, educated staff and a strong capital.”

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