Prices Increased By 30 Percent İn 3 Years İn Umraniye!

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 Prices Increased By 30 Percent İn 3 Years İn Umraniye!

Ümraniye, which has become a point of view of the Anatolian side in recent years, has become a region that is easily accessible to the European side thanks to its proximity to the main arteries. With the accelerating alternative transportation and infrastructure works, the value of the region is increasing. The location is very close to the connection point of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge beside Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and 15th of July Martyrbridge Bridge by TEM Highway and D-100 Highway. Üskudar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro line, which will soon be in service, is an important step for the region and TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Special Projects Appraisal Department and Appraisal Specialist Güneş Özçelik stated that "Subway line transportation which is planned to be completed in 3 years will be quite relieved. Lastly, the destiny of Ümraniye will change in terms of accessibility to the Marmaray and Kadıköy-Kartal metro lines. "



Looking at the price increases in Ümraniye in recent years, it is seen that the general effect is realized along the metro line. In the district, which is considered as the district center, the sales prices of residential buildings located near Üsküdar Ümraniye-Çekmeköy subway line have increased by about 30 percent in the last 3 years and the price of square meters has increased to 4 thousand- 4 thousand 500 liras in new buildings. Another area that is experiencing price increase in the district in general is Şerifali. Şerifali district new and qualified buildings and site features in new projects that do not fall below the square meter price of 4 thousand 500 pounds.



Ümraniye's office district as the main development of the projects that are in Küçüksu. The occupancy in the district is over 95 percent. Özçelik stated that the site area near Küçüksu was also affected by this development and said that "In addition to these areas, there are office buildings in Şerifali which supports the development of the office with the function of TEM and the proximity to Ataşehir." Ümraniye in general, it can be said that the region preferred by the region is starting to come to the position of CBD (Central Business Area) near Anatolia with new office projects ".

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