Prices of Branded House Have Increased by 22 %

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Prices of Luxury and branded houses in Istanbul have increased by 22 % on average. Sariyer has 40 %, Sultangazi 36 % and Esenler 33 % of slices in this rate of increase. Cuneyd Diskaya, who has shared the information based on the study they carried out about branded and luxury houses market to an AA pressman, has stated that realty sector which was always a profitable business, has continued to be a profitable investment instrument in 2015.

Diskaya, pointing that prices of houses have increased by 20 % throughout Turkey last year, states that this rate is higher in prices of branded houses.

Diskaya, mentioning that they has carried out a study on 335 different projects, says that 57.000 houses out of 181.000 houses in this project are on sale. He says that there are price range for every kind of business.

Diskaya, stating that there was an increase in the number of branded houses by 22 %, also says: “ However, square meter prices are really low compared to the european cities which is equal to Istanbul’s qualty. The prices in those cities are 3-4 times more than the prices in Istanbul. This level of increase in values will go on at least 3-4 years more. 22 % increase rate is the way higher than the rate in Europe. Now, the square meter prices there are 3-4 times more than the prices here.”

Diskaya, stating that the number of luxury and branded houses is equal to 6-7 % of the whole market, it is going on based on the traditional way of dwelling production in Turkey and mentioned rate should be risen to 30-40 %. Diskaya also clearly states that the foreign investors or prospective house owners mostly prefer buying branded houses.


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