Property Tax Value To 50 Percent Limit

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Citizens have found a solution for the real estate tax values ​​of 2018, which rebelled. Adjusted to the value of property taxes raised at exorbitant prices, Prime Minister Yildirim announced that the real estate tax will be brought to the limit, the real estate tax value of 50 percent based on the limit to be put on the button.


The most important issue of the day was the tax value of the property announced by the Prime Minister Yildirim yesterday. The high increases in real estate tax values ​​that we have experienced in the past month continue to be on the agenda. Particularly in Istanbul, the increase in the value of real estate tax in some regions took government action.

Reacting to the high real estate tax values ​​to be implemented in 2018, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım personally threw himself into being. Thanks to the 50 percent limit imposed by the Prime Minister, property taxes held every four years will not exceed 50 percent of the previous period. This situation is already a citizen-loving development for the values ​​of real estate tax determined by exorbitant prices.
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim talked about the subject for the first time in the common broadcast of the news channels announced a 50 percent limit of the great echo. Prime Minister Yıldırım announced that the necessary adjustments will be made in order not to exceed the 50 percent limit of the previous period's tax rate on the property announced by the public. In case of passing, the base value will be 50 percent maximum. Citizens will not have to pay property tax at such exorbitant prices.

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