Qatar Comments on Real Estate Business in Turkey

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Qatar Comments on Real Estate Business in Turkey

Turkey Comment from CEO of Qatar: We got surprised.  Hamad el-Hedfa, who runs one of the largest real estate investment companies Mazaya Qatar, said that ‘ the prices of real estates in Istanbul is lower than the other metropolises in Europe’ and added that ‘ the opportunities in Turkey real estate sector will continue in middle and long terms in the future.’


They signed a strategic cooperation agreement between Mazaya Qatar and Turkey’s Securities during the Cityscape Istanbul 2016 real estate fair and el- Halfa made some exclamations about this agreement. The project includes both national and international area and it will launch in Turkey. He said that they had decided to invest in Turkey.


Turkey Comment from CEO of Qatar: We got surprised. El- Halfa stated that Turkey is very important for Qatar; Qataris have a great interest in Turkey in economic sense. He emphasized on the development of real estate sector in Turley in the last 10 years. He described it as spectacular.

The Haghia Sophia at sunrise, Istanbul, Turkey.

He said that’ we believe the possibilities and opportunities in Turley will go on in the medium and long term so we decided to invest in here. It is not possible someone who invested in Istanbul to lose because there is only one Istanbul.’


Turkey Comment from CEO of Qatar: We got surprised the growth of the real estate sector in Turkey. So Turkey has a very strong regional interest. The creation of real estate investments and fund in Turkey will bring a profit to the investors.


Global Securities Board Cahirman Erol Göker said that ‘The bridge between capital markets of the world has just been established and the opportunities in Turkey is newly understood by the foreign investors.’ With these new projects the investors will flow into Turkey.

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