Real Estate Agents Asking For Previous Days

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Recession on the economy has begun to affect each sector gradually. Shops and work stores started to be closed on immense streets. Besides, grand bazaar misses previous days inwardly. Beyond all that progress, estate agents have received a share from these occurances, and they have been affected adversely because of this situation. For instance, owners of the properties could not hire dwelling houses. Moreover, the people, who would like to hire a flat, could not attempt to rent owing to the highly priced houses that are found quite expensive. Such an awful position could be witnessed especially in the parts like Etiler and Alibeykoy in İstanbul. Therefore, the human beings that possess both wealthy income and lower income could not obtain the chances to find an appropriate flat for themselves.


Sales of the flats and properties declined with rate of 0.2% and reached the level 101.468 in February 2017, which depicted that this rate has been decreased with the comparison with the previous year. Furthermore, it is inevitable to ignore that the number of flats for rent and the number of apartments for sale have been on increase. However, both the people possessing wealthy income and the people having low income could not easily come across a suitable flat for their life.

Domination Of Outstanding Stagnation In Istanbul

The director of Etiler Estate Office, Huseyin Oruc, has been working as an expert in Courthouse of Istanbul since 2002. Besides, he explained that the markets of estate in İstanbul have been investigated and reported for five years. In addition to this, he added that there has been a whole remarkable stagnation in İstanbul unlike former years.

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