Real Estate Fair Value Certificate

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Technology is of great importance in the real estate sector as well as in all sectors of the world. Day-to-day online systems are needed more and more countries have brought their services to the online world. The Republic of Turkey is at the forefront of countries that have made major investments in bureaucratic procedures as soon as possible. Because the country has a lot of public areas with the infrastructure of citizenship services as well as in the real estate world is providing great convenience. The fair value certificate, which is one of the biggest problems of the real estate world, is now among the e-government services. You must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or a resident of the Republic of Turkey in order to receive the certificate. It is very easy to get real estate documents in the section of foreign citizens.


The real estate sector, which has achieved great growth in recent years, is not only bureaucratic but also facilitates payment and purchasing. With the 240-month credit facility that the banking system has started to implement for the first time in the world, it is possible for you to have a payment plan suitable for your budget for the house you want to buy. Also, if you want to make a payment plan suitable for your budget, you can buy your desired apartment at a very reasonable interest rate of 0.50%. Credit options can vary for any person.

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