Real Estate Galatasaray Project Will Make The Land

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Real Estate Residential REIT, and Florya Galatasaray Riva scored a signature project to develop the land.

Real Estate Real Estate Investment Trust, Galatasaray Sports Club Association Florya River and found the container on the land in a statement. Accordingly, Bakırköy, Florya and projects within the boundaries of the land area in Beykoz Riva to do. 22.627 square meters of land and construction of the project subject Flory River 1076.022 square meter surface area of the land owner.

Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek more pre His first plan in a statement that the move infrastructure of Riva in Florya and by opening this tender after the social sphere 1.5 billion had said that to begin a project to find. Uzbek indicating that they plan to do so within one year , he stressed that they decided to take the company to undertake the project, 30 percent of the tender.


Our company between Galatasaray Sports Club Association; Istanbul Province Bakırköy District Florya neighborhood of 22627.00 square meters of surface area and the district of Istanbul Province Beykoz Riva 1,076,022.18 square meters of surface area on land, a protocol was signed on 29.06.2016 with the aim of developing projects together.


Between Galatasaray Sports Club Association and the Real Estate Administration; Istanbul Province Bakırköy District Florya neighborhood of 22 thousand 627 square meters of surface area and the province of Istanbul in Beykoz Riva neighborhood of 1 million 76 thousand 22 square meters of surface area over immovable property, develop the project with the purpose of a protocol was signed today.
This protocol in finding a solution to the financial difficulties we’ve had in a long time by providing increased value of our fixed assets it is no doubt a very important step. By imparting to the club past president and management of our real estate properties preserved for years, aimed at the highest possible value and the government guarantees the project without interruption. River land with this protocol, according to the newly formed city regulations can be developed and evaluated previously prepared plans.
Florya land for a new planning done considering the possible change in the region must be economically more advantageous. After obtaining the approval of the General Assembly; Flory new project will be evaluated within this protocol.

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