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Whether rented or sold, the prices of summer properties vary according to the features they have. Distance to city, proximity to the sea, landscapes, special decoration, garden size and swimming pool are among the most important criteria determining the price.

Silivri, Tekirdag, Sile, Riva and Adalar are in the view of Istanbulites who want to evaluate even the short holidays. The sales prices of the summer houses in these regions range from 60 thousand TL to 10 million dollars (15 million TL). Rent prices start from 1,000 TL, up to 20 thousand TL.

Cottage For 60 Thousand TL

Silivri and its environs are possible to find a cottage with 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 type and 60 thousand TL. But these cottages want some care. The prices of the wooden villas with separate villas start from 80 thousand TL. Hakan Yasar, Silivri Remax office brokers, says that with prices exceeding 100 thousand TL, people are heading to detached houses from apartments. YaSar, "Silivri price range varies from region to region. In the new residential areas, the price of land is rising, and the price is rising accordingly. " Yasar, who says that the houses in the district are suitable for winter use, also gave the following information about seasonal rentals: "In old cottage settlements, 3 + 1 duplex apartments are usually leased between 3 thousand TL and 5 thousand TL. In new constructions, the prices are up to 7-8 thousand TL. For example Silivri Uyumkent'de seasonal rental price between 8 and 10 thousand TL.


Million Dollars Cottages

In the Sile region, there are significant differences in summer prices. The minimum price in the region starts from 150 thousand TL and goes up to million dollars. A twin detached villa with a pool of 5 to 10 meters, which does not see the sea of ​​150 square meters built 10-15 years ago, is sold for 150 thousand TL, it has 1 acre garden, 600-700 square meters usage area, with private pool and near sea The hosts are finding buyers for millions of dollars. These constructions are usually on the Ağlayankaya and İmrenli side. Without coming to Sile'ye Uluperi Village on a 3-4 acres of land 200 square meters, a few years ago a house built around 700-800 thousand TL is sold. According to Remax Riva Broker Cem Baydar, seasonal rentals for the summer season in the area are not very popular. Baydar says: "Since ISık University's campus is located in this area, the students were rented for a year and there was a market in the region. Particularly in the center, students are not allowed to rent apartments for the duration of their annual rentals. "

A Metersquare Is 100 TL Land

Baydar said that the unit price of the square meter starts from 100 TL. Bearing in mind that all the parcels in the center are full, Baydar said, "Plots and land to be sold in Sofular around Sile. For example, there is a land of 7 acres at the entrance of the chile. Inside an old house with 1 million dollars is waiting for buyers, "he said.

Riva Is Waiting For Galatasaray Project

Cem Baydar, who is also responsible for renting and selling the cottage around Riva, believes that the region has not moved yet. "Galatasaray Riva Houses" project, which Galatasaray Kulubu will perform on 1 million 175 thousand square meters of land in Riva, will take place in the region when there is a dream. "The lack of social life in Riva is reducing the movement in the region. We hope to have a great project in Riva, "he said. The newly built 3 + 1 duplex with 200 square meter usage and houses with garden are sold for 500-600 thousand dollars. In old detached houses, the price range ranges from $ 300,000 to $ 400,000.

The Most Popular Summer Resort Since Byzantium

Buyukada, which is the closest reference to Istanbul, is the favorite of the Byzantine period and the largest of the Prince Islands, has become an ideal place to live in the four seasons in recent years with natural gas coming at the same time in terms of transportation due to frequent processing of motor flights. Kenan Yuksel, owner of Buyukada Turyap office, said, "We are seeing an increase of nearly 50 percent in the last 3 years in the summer and winter in the region. There is a decrease in seasonal rentals. This is because of the opening of about 20 medium and small sized hotels in the region over the last 5 years. Prices are also reasonable because people are choosing to have a few days' holiday instead of hiring them all season, "he said.

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