Real Estate Investment In Turkey From Iran Will Increase by 50 %

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Representatives of real estate sector state that Iranians, who will achieve an economic growth after disembargo, real estate investments in Turkey will increase minimum by 50 %. Nuclear treaty between Iran and P5+1 countries has gone into operation after final report of International Atomic Energy Agency. With the effectuated agreement, financial and economic sanctions due to its nuclear program have been cancelled.

Real estate representatives in Turkey state that, real estate investors’ first destination will be Turkey after they feel relieved in terms of their banking transactions, international money transfer and investment thanks to the disembargo.

“Turkey and Iran Markets Need Each Other”

Demir Construction’s CEO Hamir Demir, who has made a statement to an AA pressman about the situation, emphasizing that Iran and Turkey are both religious fellow and neighboring countries, says that Iranians are one of the nationalities that have the maximum number in buying house in Turkey.

Demir: “ We have sold lots of houses to Iranians in 2011, 2012 and 2013 but after all what has happened in Syria it has become a bit dull. Iranians love Turkey and Turkish people. No matter how attractive Europe, Africa, U.S are for investment, Turkey and Iran need each other.”

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