Real Estate is a Safe Harbour for Everybody

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Real Estate Sector is developing day by day in Turkey. People began to raise their investments for this area. The chairman of Rich World Real Estate Cengiz İloğlu explained: “The Real Estate Industry will live the best period in 2017 by the urban transformation. We will bring the citizens and the contractors together at the same table and this is a first! Everybody will be pleased with the results. “

Cengiz İloğlu is a sales representative of international brands in construction industry across the country. He evaluated this year 2016 and shared his opinion for the period of 2017. İloğlu also gave some information about their execution in urban transformation.


Currencies Investment has lost its Value

“The troubles in 2016 and the exchange rate fluctuations forced the investors turn to the real estate investment so the currencies investment has lost its value for our country. Turkish people see the real estate as a safe harbour and make investment in this sector. As a result of this, they increase their profits. The urban transformation is very important for the planning of the next 100 years. This is an opportunity and we must take advantage of this. We have to exterminate the rent perception. We took an important step about this point. We bring the citizens and the constructors together and provide solutions to their questions. By this way, we prevent the information pollution and create the available conditions for the citizens in order to buy healthier houses.”

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