Real Estate News From Arnavutkoy

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Arnavutkoy municipality has fulfilled the voicemail that it has provided the public employees with affordable installments. The Albanian people who took the keys of their homes in the title delivery ceremony of Hadımkoy VEFA Houses experienced great happiness.

800 pounds Burcin Yilmaz, who is homeowner with installments, "Our contractors and contractors of our municipality employees and District Police Chiefs have done this tacitly because of the agreement. We thank you for everything. We are very happy with this production as officers, teachers. "

Very Exciting


Arnavutkoy Municipality Municipal Police Commissioner Ersin Inal, who is happy to be the host again, said, "We had a flat that our father had given. Allah has given the second. We have new apartments with the facilities that our President has provided. In terms of being a central region in this region, it was very difficult to be the host of the 3rd project, such as Airport, Kanal Istanbul. But if we were right, our great ones were pioneers. We are very excited. "

Vefa Follows Your Portraıt

 Arnavutkoy Mayor Ahmet Hasim Baltaci stated that they are fulfilling their debts to the public employees. "We have stated that we will do a mass housing study to give priority to the public employees in public institutions working in Arnavutkoy." The quality of the houses and construction quality is high. Even the airplanes are designed with extraordinary thought. " said. Arnavutkoy which is a really beatiful seashore district as you all know will be Turkey’s future estate beauty and financial income source of both tourism and Real Estate.

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