Real Estate Prices Affected By Bridge Project in Dardanelles

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Real Estate Prices Affected By Bridge Project in Dardanelles

In the last years, Turkey is known for its construction projects, especially focused in the areas of airports and bridges. Dardanelles Bridge , planned to be constructed over Dardanelles Strait is one of them. At first it was just a plan talked about but from now on it has been included in the development plan, so first real steps are taken regarding the bridge construction. Real estate prices are affected immediately by this bridge plan – same situation experienced with Istanbul’s third bridge operation.

Bridge Project in Dardanelles

Dardanelles Bridge will be built between Lapseki district’s Kocaeli village on the Anatolian side and Gelibolu’s Sütlüce village in Thrace. Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning has renewed the 1/100,000 plan of the bridge and now the estimated lenght is approximately 3,700 meters. This measurement includes also the connection routes between the bridge and the main highway to be completed between İstanbul and İzmir.

Some areas in Çanakkale are now declared as urban development areas. These developments are affecting the prices and both rental and sale prices are going up. By 2040 it is expected that the population in Çanakkale and Balıkesir will go up from 1,654,000 to 4,578,000.


According to Hakan Karademir, head of Bursa City Planner Chamber, rise of population and damages in natural sites due to the planned constructions will mess up the ecological state in Çanakkale region, included Gökçeada and Bozcaada. There are many areas opened for construction and also in Balıkesir some areas are designated as industrial sites.

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Dardanelles Bridge is just one the big construction projects that Turkey has started. These new constructions are also keeping the fragile Turkish economy up and supporting the whole economical actions. Ecological problems are also highlighted by experts regarding the area but money will always be the priority of investors.

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