Real Estate Prices Will Increase Due to Giant Projects

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The giant projects which will builded in İzmir made the city very popular. The projects such as Tüp Geçit and İstinyepark is Balçova, extended of the Çandarlı Highway in Çiğli, City Hospital Campus in Bayraklı make increasing on the real estate prices in these places.

While the expactations in rate decrease on the mortgage loans is ongoing, the giant projects which will be carried in İzmir made up the real estate prices in many places.



The prices have increased in the places due to giant and important projects, especially in Balçova due to Tüp Geçit, in Çiğli / Karşıyaka due to extended of the Çandarlı Highway, in Bayraklı due to City Hospital Campus. In the last two years, the square meter prices in Balçova have increased from 1500 TL to 2500 TL, from 2.000 TL to 3000 TL in Karşıyaka and from 1.000 TL to 1.500 TL in Bayraklı. Authorities claim that the prices may increase twice after completed these giant projects.

Tender Of The Projects

The significant projects such as İstinyepark Shopping Center and Tüpgeçit in Üçkuyular and İnciraltı places in Balçova caused an increasing on the real estate prices.

Due to the Project about extending of the İzmir-Çandarlı Highway about its tender in the upcoming days made an %50 icreasing in the real estate prices in Çiğli, Ulukent, Menemen, Aliağa in Karşıyaka. The City Hospital Campus projected by Türkerler Holding made significant increasing in the Bayraklı.

The Expectatıon Is 5.000 Tl

The authorities about the real estate say that the places such as Balçova, Karşıyaka and the other places got reputation due to the giant projects and the prices in these places will make a significant increasing in the nerar future.

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