Real Estate GuideBook: Rent Increase Rate

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The real estate guidebook prepared by YeniEmlak provides useful information for investors.

Many housing projects take attention in İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara and the other cities. The Glamorous Residences, magnificent skyscrapers are demanded by a lot of people. Green-field sites are not a simple living place for investors and people, they are also a safe area for them that provide serenity; the combination of peace, security and happiness.

While the mobilization is high in the Real estate industry, it is normal that there are many things needed to follow by investors and concerned people. The real estate guidebook is prepared very carefully and attentively. The guidebook contains every detail related with the real estate industry. In this quidebook there are many things from rent increase rates to expertise fee. Also people who interested in real estate guidebook find the details of how to calculate the housing credit.


New law of obligations accepted and executed in 2012, provides a standard for rate increasing rate. Turkish Statistical İnstitute explains the rent increase rate daily. Market of the real estate is very active. The real estate guidebook has very important information about all the housing projects in country. The real estate investors and people who are closely interested in this sector will find everything about what they want to ask through this guidebook. There are also some methods which give you some opportunities in order to compare the projects. So by all these useful information you can make a good investment future plan for yourself.

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