Real Estate Race in Greece! Turks in 2nd Place

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According to figures released by Greek authorities, the number of Turkish tourists who went to Greece in the first 6 months of the year increased by 50% compared to the previous year and reached 1.5 million.


Expenditures of around 200 to 250 euros per person and foreign tourists coming to Turkey during the same period, 63 dollars per person sparked a great deal of echoes in the tourism environment and led to discussions.

It seems that the demand for Greece is no longer limited to tourism. The economic bottleneck in the neighboring country has also reduced the real estate prices and the Turkish citizens' appetite for the real estate sector in Greece has also been blurred.

According to Dimitris Melachroinos, the founder of Spitogatos, the largest real estate portal in the country, the most intensive demand for real estate came from the Chinese with a 203 percent increase. Turkey is in second place with 90 percent increase.


It was announced that a Chinese investor bought short-term rentals of 100 apartments from the Exarcheia district in Attica, Athens, and then sold it to another investor.

Attica, because of the low prices, allowing the country to get a residence permit of the Golden Visa application, 70 percent of the place is given the most notice.
There is an increasing interest from Turkey for the application of "Golden Visa" which means that 5 thousand residence permits can be obtained for investments over 250 thousand euron in Greece.

According to Enterprise Greece statistics, in the last 4 years a total of 2 thousand 14 people have been granted leave of absence for 5 years. Chinese citizens did not leave the first rank with 850 people, but 388 people followed Russia and with 161 people followed Turkey.

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