Real Estate Sales in Turkey

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Real Estate Sales in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the global real estate market and demand for real estate quite high. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) announced home sales statistics for the month of February of this year. Houses were sold mostly to that country: Iraq. According the statistics, the attraction of residential property to foreign buyers continued to increase in February in spite of the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey. The rate of the purchases rose 17,8 compared to the last year. 101 thousand 703 houses has been sold so far. The 1,585 of total properties were sold to the foreigners in February.


The sales mostly were in cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In February the highest sales was Istanbul with 18,142, followed by Ankara with 10, 5 percent and Izmir with 6, 4 percent.  In Native area the situation was like that. How about the foreign buyers?


Houses were sold mostly to that country: Iraqi, Kuwaitis, Saudis, Afghans and Russians. These countries chose the Turley because Turkey has a growing and rising global real estate market. Total sales also increased İn February compared to the same month last year.


According to the statistics of TSI houses were sold mostly to that country: Iraq. Iraqi citizens were on the top of list with 365 houses bought. Iraq was followed by Kuwaitis with 159, Saudis with 158 and Afghans with 141 sales of houses.


Despite the troubles times in Turkey because of the terrorist attacks and political relations, the sales continued to rise. Especially the tension between Turkey and Russia didn’t affect the sales of real estate.  Russia is the fifth place of the list and they bought 88 houses in February. This shows that the Russian people still like Turkey and the situation will be better as in advance.

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