Real Estate Sector Focused On Referendum

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As in many sectors, there is a focus on referencing in real estate. Zorlu Real Estate operator Mikail Akbulut noted that buyers and sellers of real estate are in an expectation, paying attention to the fact that the market will move depending on the result.


Zorlu Real Estate operator Akbulut, who stated that the market is experiencing decline, said: “The market has experienced a decline of 15 percent. It may not seem like an important rate, but it is a valuable rate in Erzurum conditions. The reason for this is the referendum. Buyers and sellers are waiting for the end of the referendum because of the effect of referandum on the real estate prices. As a result of the referendum ‘yes’, a decrease in interest rates, a positive mobility in the market, buyers and sellers are expected. Emphasizing that the real estate should be supported, Akbulut said, “The government should give a similar kind of support to the real estate as well. Such support will contribute to both beneficial increase and prices. The sector in Erzurum affects our future in urban transformation. Failure to replace the destroyed houses caused the prices to be extremely high. We have reached the same level with the Istanbul market. Istanbul has many factors such as the industry in the arena, and Erzurum is in a lower economic situation, but real estate prices are heading in the head. For this reason, the buildings that have been destroyed within the framework of urban transformation studies need to be replaced soon. ”


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