Real Estate Sector, Hopeful for After Referendum

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The locomotive sectors of the Turkish economy, construction and real estate are expected to invest heavily in the Gulf countries as the uncertainty of the referendum dies.

Realtors said that after the referendum to be held in April, the markets will be revived and the real estate industry will make a premium of 20 percent, by warning to citizens wanting to buy a house.

With the blurring of the referendum ambiguity, it has been revealed that the Gulf countries are expected to invest heavily in Turkey.


The actors who have directed the Turkish economy have turned their eyes to a referendum on April 16th. Construction companies and real estate buyers are waiting for their ambiguity to make an investment. Abdurrahman Koç, the chairman of A. Koc Construction’s Board of Directors and founder of, pointed out that the construction and real estate sectors are hopeful from the referendum and underlined that large investments are expected from the Gulf countries.

Koç said that applications such as real estate certificate, 20-year-maturity mortgage and VAT regulation for foreign investors keep the sector dynamic in the referendum period, “All sectors continued to invest in construction companies and real estate buyers during the referendum period. Mobility has lost its momentum despite the uncertainty of the referendum. After the Referendum, we believe that the sector will make a huge development push. Expression from investors in the Gulf countries is waiting for the referendum to invest. “

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