Real Estate Sector of Istanbul is Getting Bigger and Bigger

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‘Brand Cities Summit Meeting’ which has been held in Turkey for the first time, has been the center of interest of construction firms and nongovernmental organisations intensely. During the meeting, the rise of Istanbul amongst all the other developing cities with high branding potential has been discussed. The potential development thanks to the cooperation between public-private sectors has been emphasized by taking  ‘brand cities’ contribution to economy’ into consideration.

Association of Constractors of Istanbul’s ( INDER ) CEO, Nazmi Durbakayım, who has made the opening speech in the summit meeting which has been held by Eventuum, has stated: “ Istanbul is a natural-born brand city.” He has contined his speech as: “Istanbul, is a natural brand city based on its geopolitical position for many centuries. Istanbul, the city was home to a few different cultures during this agelong period, as a matter of course, has a ‘seat of culture’ characteristic.

It is a transition based on its geographical position and it is a trade center because it is a confluence point. We also wore Istanbul out, too much. Now there are industrial zones even in the most unique locations. We have turned ‘Altınboynuz’ into a bole, we have turned ‘Bosphorus’ into a sewage. However, again ‘we’ have succeeded in gaining this beauty back by putting up a fight and bosphorus and estuarine are very clean today.” Construction sector makes significant contribution to this rapid change.

Ministry of Prestige

Aşçıoğlu’s CEO Yaşar Aşçıoğlu, has brought forward a ‘ Ministry of Prestige’ proposal in order to manage and sustain the image earned in the meeting he joined. Aşcıoğlu who states that sense and management of countries are different in the world, also says: “ Such kind of a ministry on which all the countries shall be dependent must be established. There must be professionals who manage the perception of countries just as companies have such professionals.

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