Real Estate, Water And Environmental Cleaning Tax(Ect) Liabilities Payable From Ptt

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PTT Chief Manager Abdullah Nebioğulları said that the PTT, which operates in many areas, is collecting Property, Water and ECT liabilities. Nebioğulları, said that, by expressed that enter upon an office, a short time ago “I was appointed Kilis, from Erdemli district of Mersin. I have worked in equal places of Turkey for 26 years. I graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences.”




“I will try to sign a successful service in Kilis. As you know, PTT is serving the feet of our citizens. We have a lot of services in the field. Western-Union, TEDAŞ, SSI payments, Bag-Kur premium payments, all kinds of telephone bill collection and credit loading transactions Domestic and international money transfers and insurance transactions through Aktifbank, PTTCell subscription transactions, HGS service, Kilis Social Aid Foundation Directorate payments, Prime Ministry old age payments, gold sales, and many other transactions that are essential for payment, you will need to come to PTT and your bank will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with PTT credit cards.”

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