Realtors Returned Hopeful From Iran

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Aydin’s Kusadasi District Realtors Association (KUSEMDER) Muslum Yıldırım, Deputy Minister of Mines and Commerce of Iran, who visited the stands at the Iran International 4th Real Estate Fair, expressed that they are open to foreign investors and will show any kind of ease.


Kusadasi real estate agents who participated in International 4th Real Estate Fair held in Iran’s capital Tehran between 24-27 February were pleased. Chairman of Kusemder and EMPA Real Estate owner Müslüm Yıldırım, who opened the booth in the fairs, said that they are closely related to both the government authorities and the Iranian authorities. He said that Iranian Industry, Minister of Mines and Trade, who visited them at the booth, and Hüseyin Esfahbodi, General Manager of Iran International Exhibition Joint Stock Company invited foreign investors to their countries.

Kusemder President Yıldırım remarked that his assistant minister said that obstacles in front of the possession of foreigners had been abolished in Iran and said “Deputy Minister Hüseyin Esfahbodi personally wishes success by coming to his standstill.In Iran, foreigners can not buy real estate without establishing a company, this changed, He noted that they have removed obstacles in front of those who will invest in Iran and that they have been severely punished for fraudulent incidents against investors. “Yıldırım explaining that Kuşadası was represented by two stands in the Property Fair, said that those who visited the fair showed great interest in Kuşadası. Yıldırım said, “We have been in constant negotiations throughout the fair, and many of our customers have told us that they will come to  Kusadasi for a 15-day holiday in Iran due to Nevruz and then they will decide after seeing our homes. We returned with great hopes. “He said.

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