Record Expectations for Housing Sales

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Coldbell Banker who is real estate consultancy company of The United States of Country Director of Turkey Taş specifying that 2016 will be close by the record of house sales ” 2017 will be much better than 2016,” he said.


According to official data, there was 1 million 740 thousand 198 housing units were sold during 11 months of the year 2016 in Turkey and Taş noticed that “1 million 289 thousand units sold in 2015, we broke the record with sales in the history of the Republic. The data were not disclosed yet, we expect that record will be renewed and moved more than 1 million 300 thousand in 2016. VAT rate was reduced to 8 percent which buildings over 150 square meters. Our expectations are that Vat rate must be reduced 1 percent on behalf of animating construction and the real estate sector in 2017” he said.


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Taş also highlighted that “we are living despite all the difficulties such as after the most recent coup attempt high sales volumes to be recorded in such a positive way on August, September, October and November. That is indication of the confidence of future of this country. An outward reflection of the confidence that our people has a strong sense of structure as we see it. The data of the month of December of 2016 also we are going to be closed with new record about house sales. The cessation of fluctuations will be of interest in conjunction and this course much better than last year in the dollar.” said.


From the perspective of the real estate sector among 47 countries, “Turkey in the fourth position in terms of profitability, offer the opportunity which make us great.”

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