Renewable Cities And Infrastructures

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The cities continue to renew. Natural gas is trying to bring every city. A new work is on the way. In the coming days, some of the cities have been mentioned as natural gas futures. In line with the increasing needs more natural gas across Turkey 7 new district  will be taken to it said. Dissemination of Turkey's natural gas usage in use in many cities is the fact that in order to continue the project. New decisions have been made for some of the districts.

In order to keep the provinces and districts without natural gas in the whole country, the studies about natural gas transportation with new projects and provinces continue uninterruptedly. EPDK decided to buy natural gas in 7 new districts decided to take. With the new decision, the natural gas pipeline will be drawn to these cities. It is expected that these regions will become more popular with the arrival of the natural gas line.

In the direction of the last minute decision taken by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), natural gas will be given to 4 new district  in Diyarbakır province and 3 new district in Çorum. Given this natural gas and 7 more important districts will meet the need for more natural gas. By the end of 2019, the number of districts to benefit from natural gas is targeted to exceed 550. With the decision taken by EPDK, the districts of Çorum, Mecitözü, Dodurga and Oğuzlar and Diyarbakir's Ergani, Silvan, Bismil and Çermik regions were included among the regions that will receive natural gas. These decisions taken in the past days are expected to produce positive results for the region. Buying natural gas will increase the quality of life in these regions, and warming seems to be easier.

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