Rental Assistance 50 Thousand

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Urban renewal district on the Anatolian side has increased the demand for luxury acceleration of urban transformation and renewal work on the Asian side of the building has increased the demand.

After the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, homeowners who flock to the grounds Ümraniye because of solid ground from Etiler, Kadıköy, Bağdat Caddesi began to return to the Kadikoy district along with the consolidation of the structure . The general Manager of Kentpark, Sertaç Kıyıcı said that: ‘, it began to turn back from the districts as Cekmekoy and said that the situation has increased 100 percent the price for rent.’ In addition Kıyıcı says: ‘the rent is 500 thousand liras in Caddebostan, now went up to 3 thousand liras in.




The General Manager of Kentpark who Sertaç Kiyici talk about the work of urban transformation in the Anatolian side, by the way added as they perform work of urban transformation in Caddebostan.

Kıyıcı, says more: “Currently we have 29 flats in construction work with Göztepe.There are projects we have developed in Kalamış. A total of 3 thousand square meters, where the license was obtained in Kalamış. A parcel that we aim to start construction work this year.” Kıyıcı point that “in Kalamış is a total of 30 eligible, we just can not qualify with 3 of them. However underlined that they provide ⅔.



Kıyıcı said that: investment costs for urban renewal projects in the Anatolian side, “there is an investment cost of 30 million TL in Kalamış. Göztepe 10 million, has 15 million investment costs in the Caddebostan” he explained. Sertac Kıyıcı describe the Turnover expectations, ” We expect this year 20 million worth of turnover. Our goal in 2017 of 40 million. We are talking about 70 apartments in total urban transformation” he said. Conversion also talked about the rights Kıyıcı made ​​to work with the rent subsidy, the words said: “We do rent the apartment owners to help in the destroyed homes. This job takes 16-17 months, monthly three thousand apartments, rental assistance are paying about 50 thousand pounds in total.”





Kıyıcı said that: ‘ With Urban transformation increased demand for rental, for sale in the opposite cycle underlines. Th apartments for sale increases the conversion. On average 25 percent of all building contractors staying, 4-5 building becomes sale in each building. This is increasing the supply of the sale. Construction will be Istanbul’s resistant to a region after the earthquake. He said “already began to purchase investment property.”



After the 1999 earthquake risk buildings 80 percent rate identified in the Kadikoy District in Istanbul that most migration in 39 districts with 15 percent of Kadikoy district. %11 in Maltepe.  Kadikoy with 8 percent. Followed percent with 5 percent Ümraniye and 4 to Kartal. In Atasehir 15 percent move from Kadıköy, Üsküdar The rate of transport was observed as 8 percent. Urban transformation, the Anatolian side came to the fore in moving mobility. Rental prices have increased along with the conversion of up to 100 percent. Converted to the average square meter of housing for sale in the crispy Bebek up to 21 thousand liras. 17 thousand 739 liras Yenikoy, Etiler 15 thousand 559 liras, EMIRGAN 13 thousand 789 liras, in Istinye climbed to 13 651 Lira’s.



Building the rights included in the transformation underlined that they did not want to leave this area Sertac Kıyıcı said was underlined that this situation increases the value of rental apartments. Kıyıcı: the words continued as follows,demand is going more in rent, so rents are rising. Rent it was a 100 percent increase in three years in Kadikoy. Last year, 1,500 licenses issued. We first 1500 we signed the lease, the rent is now paying three thousand pounds.



Kıyıcı added: People began to turn into the city now pointing was continued as follows: After the earthquake many people had fled in Kadikoy. They want to go back. Therefore, the increased demand for new buildings outside the city in Kadikoy case. most Maltepe Street, comes from Çekmeköy region.

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