Rental Prices in Anatolian Cities Rose Up!

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According to the calculations made by the Ministry of Finance's rent statements, those who invested in Anatolia, not Istanbul, earned rent income. According to the news of Rahim Ak from the newspaper Habertürk; the ones who bought houses in Istanbul in recent years and earned rent income actually lost. 

In the same period, house rent in Istanbul increased by 357 percent. Thus, it is revealed that the Anatolian tradesman and businessman, who are trying to buy houses are in fact harmed. The same is true for the capital Ankara. Rent increase in Ankara was the same as in 14 years. Diyarbakir is the only city with a worse rent increase than two big cities. It could increase rents by 307 percent.

Istanbul As Always Has The Highest Price

Eskişehir, Kayseri and Çorum have also remained below inflation. In Sivas, Malatya and Aksaray, there is a similar increase in inflation. Despite the high rates of increase, Anatolia still does not catch Istanbul. Istanbul is the place where the average monthly rent is 564 TL and the highest rent is still paid. Istanbul's average annual rent income is 18 thousand 700 liras. It is estimated that average rents in İstanbul were around 342 liras in 2000. Istanbul Gaziantep with a rent of 205 thousand liras is followed.

After Antep, Antalya and Van come. These are the 4 cities where the average rent is over one thousand liras in 2014. In Izmir and Ankara, the average rent is just under one thousand liras. The lowest rents in 2014 were 292 liras with Ardahan, 320 liras with Bitlis and 322 liras with Tunceli.


After 2000, the growth in the economy and the rents in Anatolia became normal. Universities opened in cities and the decrease in unregistered rent income increased the inflation 8 times.

It is notable that the increase in rents in the provinces, which suffered great damage from earthquakes like Düzce, Bolu and Van, is at a high level. In this case, it is estimated that the destruction of the houses and the decrease of the housing stock as well as the renting of the newly built houses are made more luxurious with better quality materials.


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