Residential Sales

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Residential Sales according to the last year in particular  too much in December increased and it continues to increase. According to the level of increase in the last year of 10.6% too much as we are talking about a rising. In short Istanbul’s need for a month in the year to such a large rise. What about the people in Istanbul increased the wages of the least cause even though it was an increase in more. Facts about this our typing will so.  A month in Istanbul is the basis of the sales prices according to statistics from the year was a bit less but still in months if in Istanbul as an increase of 5.6%. This is the most effective role of the increases  was an increase in the number of people living in Istanbul.




  • Housing prices increase in the prices of housing people more request before the exponential increases occurred. And the people of this year due to the request from the housing.
  • Istanbul this year according to the other years came in even more immigration and for this reason the growth in residential sales..
  • Rental prices in Istanbul increased. And so the humans home purchase request has occurred.
  • Sales companies who are themselves citizens home to encourage one of them did something satisfactory companies loan for themselves. And this is one of the key selling points of the housing has also played a role.

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