Ropeway Project In Istanbul

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Ropeway Project In Istanbul

For many years, Istanbul has been known as the most crowded city in Turkey and the city that has the most traffic pollution. With the ropeway project in İstanbul, that has been on the agenda for a while, the population of Istanbul and the commity of Istanbul is hoping for the traffic pollution to decrease.



Of course for the fact that the traffic pollution in Istanbul has been going on for many years, the difference is not going to be seen so clearly for a while after the ropeway has been created, but it is most definitely going to make the traffic move more smoothely.



The ropeway project in Istanbul has come up, because many of the cities in Turkey do own ropeways and it makes the whole traffic move more faster. On the otherhand, people are able to go to wherever they want more faster.


One of the biggest problems in Istanbul until today and still continues to be a problem, is the fact that people can only get to where they want to go in minimum 2 hours, in which maximum it could be 4 hours or even more. From here you can understand actually of how big the city is.


This is a big Project for Istanbul. A ropeway may not seem to be so much of a big Project, but is definitely is for the people living in Istanbul. The population and the commity of Istanbul hopes, that after the ropeway project in İstanbul finishes, the traffic pollution will decrease in a grand amount and the people will be able to get to where they want to go faster than ever. This will be a very important project and when it finishes and people will see that the traffic is moving more faster, then it will mean that the ropeway has reached its success.

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